UN reacts to news of Chavez death

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UN reacts to news of Chavez death

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News of the death of Hugo Chavez broke during a press conference at the UN in New York. There was an immediate reaction from Ban ki-Moon to the death of the man who enjoyed some colourful moments at the General Assembly.

“As a president of Venezuela he has been making his own contributions to his country’s development at the same time as the Secretary-General. I will be able to issue a more formal statement, I’d like to convey my deepest condolence to the families and people and government of Venezuela on the loss of President Chavez.”

Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin,made his feelings clear: “You know, I think it’s a tragedy. He was, I think, a great politician for his country, for Latin America and for the world and of course he played a very important role in the development of relations between Venezuela and Russia, so we feel very badly about it. Thank you very much.”

The world is waiting to see which path Venezuela – which has the second largest oil reserves in the world – will take now.