Britain to provide 'non-lethal' aid to Syrian opposition

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Britain to provide 'non-lethal' aid to Syrian opposition

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The British Government has announced it is to send millions of euros worth of “non-lethal” aid to assist anti-Assad fighters in Syria.

The equipment designed to “help save lives” will include armoured vehicles, search and rescue technology and medical supplies.

Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the initiative in the House of Commons: “In conjunction with the Syrian National Coalition we are identifying the protective equipment, which will be of most assistance to them and likely to save most lives. I will keep the House updated, but it will certainly include, for instance, armoured four-wheel drive vehicles to help opposition figures move around more freely, as well as personal protection equipment including body armour.”

After close to two years of civil strife the UNHCR has admitted the humanitarian response is “dangerously stretched” as refugees continue to stream out of Syria putting pressure on neighbouring countries.

As many as two million people have been internally displaced, 400,000 have fled the country and one million are on the move. It is reported 70,000 people have killed since the uprising began.