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Painful journey of discovery in 'Lore'


Painful journey of discovery in 'Lore'

Lore, a new movie by director Cate Shortland, tells the tale of a girl whose assumptions about World War II are challenged.

She explained: “I love the idea that this girl starts the film thinking that her father is a war hero and on her journey discovers he has committed massive crimes against humanity. She kind of has to rebuild herself and by the end of the film she is completely bereft but also for me there is this idea of hope because she has come out of this kind of moral bankruptcy and now she is free to create something new.”

In order to make the film as authentic as possible, it was filmed entirely on location in Germany, and in German.

Shortland said that made it more authentic: “We chose to work in the German language because it felt more truthful. We shot the film in a strange way, like a documentary. And then we had incredible production design and costume design and all of those things. Then Adam Arkapaw would be on set with a 16mm camera on his shoulder, really interacting with these really beautiful sets with the actors so we tried to keep it really alive and fresh.”

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