College of Cardinals gets together in Rome

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College of Cardinals gets together in Rome

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In Rome, initial talks are underway to nominate the next Pope.

The aim is to have conclave convene next week with the newly-elected pontiff officially installed swiftly afterwards, so he can preside over the Holy Week ceremonies at Easter.

Cardinals never reveal their choice, but often drop oblique hints. The most-frequently mentioned quality so far is the ability to communicate the Catholic faith convincingly.

Euronews has travelled to Rome with the Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, who said: “Among the cardinals, you have the whole range of characteristics, characters and temperaments. And now they have to elect St Peter’s successor. The next pope will have to support his brothers and to guarantee the unity of the church. Its a challenge, it is a mystery, you would have to be more than simply a man to achieve that.”

Our correspondent in Rome, Fabien Farge, says people are already gathering in St Peter’s Square. The cardinals are already here, among them Cardinal Barbarin of Lyon in France to whom we have just spoken. The Catholic Church, as well as the entire world, will be watching and waiting.

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