Operation to clear Rio's favelas underway

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Operation to clear Rio's favelas underway

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It is a while yet until the 2014 Football World Cup – and even longer until the next Olympic Games in 2016.

But police in Brazil, where both events are due to be held, are already tackling the problems of crime,violence and disorder.

Hundreds of officers, backed by helicopters and armoured vehicles, moved into slums in northern Rio to tackle drug gangs that have taken hold there.

There was no resistance and the operation was declared a success after just 25 minutes.

“The point of this is to restore the self-esteem of the population which has been eaten away over the years by crime, drugs and weapons in the area.This is about more than restoring peace, its about giving people back their dignity.” the commanding officer told reporters at a briefing.

Operations like these are followed up by the installation of services such as health centres and an electricity supply.

The aim is to foster inclusion and give the city’s one million plus slum dwellers more of a stake in Brazil’s rapidly developing society.