Protesters protect Berlin Wall gallery from demolition

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Protesters protect Berlin Wall gallery from demolition

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Protesters have blocked construction crews from demolishing one of the few remaining stretches of the infamous Berlin Wall.

The famed open-air East Side Gallery, one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, has been earmarked for destruction to make way for the construction of luxury apartments.

“We need the wall, so I am here to resist,” said one protestor.

Another complained that Berlin’s identity is under threat: “I want to keep this part of Berlin’s history alive. The Wall has been here for 50 years.”

“I don’t understand why we would need more skyscrapers, why we need more upmarket flats, Berlin is changing for the worse, I don’t understand it, that is why I am here,” he said.

The Berlin Wall, was built by the communist regime in East Germany from 1961 to block defections to the West during the tense Cold War period.