Japan's ANA stands by troubled Boeing Dreamliner

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Japan's ANA stands by troubled Boeing Dreamliner

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Japan’s All Nippon Airlines (ANA) is standing by the troubled Boeing 787 Dreamliner – despite a battery issue with the aircraft that has caused all those delivered so far to be grounded.

ANA, which has had to cancel all flights on its 17 Dreamliners, is planning to go ahead with its orders for more and says Boeing has made progress in resolving the problems.

ANA’s President and CEO Shinchiro Ito said: “Despite the difficult experiences, I believe we have been able to overcome them and move past them.”

Dreamliners have been grounded since January when a battery in a Japan Airlines 787 overheated and caught fire. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

ANA has extended the cancellations of its 787 flights until the end of May. The total number of flights affected is nearly 3,600, involving an estimated 167,820 passengers.