Opposition refuse to stand in Egypt's parliamentary elections

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Opposition refuse to stand in Egypt's parliamentary elections

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An alliance of opposition parties says it will boycott Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections, in protest against a new law which it says favours the Muslim Brotherhood increasing its chances of a clean sweep at the polls.

The group of liberal and leftist parties are challenging the legitimacy of the vote, which will take place in late April and June.

Political expert, Magdi Sakhi said: “This decision will just allow certain parties to dominate the political situation, and at the same time I am afraid that the opposition parties will not care about the political process in the future.”

With the opposition parties refusing to stand it leaves only Mohamed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood and more hardline Islamist groups like the Salafi Nour Party in the running.

Euronew’s correspondent in Cairo, Mohammed Shaikhirahim says: “The boycott decision increases the political tension in Egypt, and allows the ruling party to control most of the seats in this parliament, which is supposed to represent the entire political spectrum.”