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Battle of the operating systems at Mobile World Congress


Battle of the operating systems at Mobile World Congress

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The mobile ecosystem is expanding at lightning speed, with mobile technology producing endless innovations and new applications. The Barcelona Mobile World Congress attracted 1,500 exhibitors and around 70,000 visitors.

Smartphone operating systems are competing for market position. In first place is Android, followed by Apple’s iOS, then Blackberry with Windows currently bringing up the rear. But new brands are also entering the fray, like Firefox, which has presented an operating system with a new philosophy.

Mozilla Firefox’s new approach is open source and web-based meaning it can be installed online. Mozilla says that being open source, it is cheaper. And already smartphones using the Firefox OS are on the market for less than 80 euros, primarily aimed at consumers in emerging markets.

China was represented at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress by firms including flagship company Huawei. It says its new smartphone Ascend P2 is the fastest on the market, which uses Android 4.1 to download data at 150 megabits per second.

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