Foreigners granted 3G internet access in North Korea

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Foreigners granted 3G internet access in North Korea

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Pyongyang has something to tweet about. North Korea has opened up internet access to visiting foreigners. Though locals still have restricted access. Journalists wasted no time in sending some of the first Instagrams from inside the country.

Until January foreigners were forced to leave their phones at the border. The sole mobile phone provider Koryolink, is in charge of operating the 3G network which comes with a hefty price tag. A SIM card necessary to access the service will set you back about 50 euros.

The u-turn on internet access may have been prompted by Google chief, Eric Schmidt’s visit to North Korea in January. He urged North Korea to get more people online saying that isolation would affect economic growth. Over 1 million people in North Korea own mobile devices, but can only access limited services controlled by the state.