Deadly shooting at Swiss wood factory

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Deadly shooting at Swiss wood factory

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A gunman has reportedly run amok at a Swiss wood factory killling at least 3 people and seriously injuring 7 others.

The shooting took place at wood processing firm called Kronospan in the town of Menznau, near the city of Lucerne.

Police said the emergency services were on the scene and the area had been largely cordoned off, but gave no further details.

Last month, a gunman killed three women and wounded two men in the Swiss village of Daillon, stirring a debate about the country’s firearms laws that allow its male citizens to retain guns after their mandatory military service.

There is no national gun register but it is etimated that at least one in every three of Switzerland’s eight million inhabitants owns a gun, many of them kept in their homes.

Citizens outside the military can apply for a permit to purchase up to three weapons from the age of 18 in a country where sharp shooting and hunting are popular sports.