Italy calls to scrap the 'pigs mess'

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Italy calls to scrap the 'pigs mess'

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Italy has awoken to political deadlock and the prospect of chaos to come. La Repubblica, the leading centre-left newspaper, claims that Italy is ungovernable politically and technically with the vote delivering unworkable alliances. And those that could forge a coalition do not have the numbers to do so.

On the streets of the capital Rome voters are frustrated: “Basically five percent of votes transferred from the Democratic Party to Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement. The main result is that people have shown that they are very angry,” said one voter.

Another called for electoral reform: “I hope that the electoral law is going to be changed and that we are going to vote again. Otherwise I hope that the politicians will act responsibly and work together. I would like the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement to find common ground, but I doubt it.”

She was not the only Italian who wants the 2005 electoral reforms scrapped. The “pigs mess” as it has been described is designed to deliver unclear results.

Euronews correspondent in Rome Enrico Bona concluded: “If Mario Monti’s coalition was a bizarre mix. The next prime minister will have to build a new coalition before every parliamentary vote, which will lead to permanent negotiation and chronic instability.”