Italy: Bersani warns of post-election 'drama'

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Italy: Bersani warns of post-election 'drama'

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With no clear winner emerging from Italy’s election, the centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani, has warned that the country is facing a “dramatic situation”.

His Democratic Party came out on top in the lower house of parliament, but the Senate is left under no overall control, and without control of both houses it is impossible to govern.

Nevertheless, he told a news conference: “(I say) no to any discussion about alliances. Let’s see what we have to do to change and then everybody will take his own responsibility before parliament and the country.”

There are fears that a rudderless Italy could inflame the eurozone debt crisis once more. Stock markets indices and the euro fell as a result.

Our correspondent at the news conference Enrico Bona reports: “There was disappointment and bitterness but also a strong appeal to responsibility that emerged from Bersani’s speech. He’s taking the first steps on a difficult path that might not be profitable in electoral terms.”