Italian election: 'Super Mario' is no more

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Italian election: 'Super Mario' is no more

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Italy’s outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti, who once enjoyed approval ratings of 60 percent, has come a distant fourth place in the country’s parliamentary elections.

Monti’s centrist faction won only around 10 percent of the votes in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate – according to official figures.

The first of the key candidates to speak publicly following the vote, Monti criticised the whole electoral system.

“It’s truly regrettable that electoral law has not been reformed, despite all the calls by the head of state (President Giorgio Napolitano) to do so. I believe that this is the responsibility of political forces, and I also see that it failed to happen in a year when many social and economic reforms were introduced. It’s one of the reasons why the electorate feels so far from politics,” Monti said.

The outgoing Prime Minister, who has a lifelong Senate seat, also said he feels proud of what he achieved during the campaign, having only created his centrist faction a month and a half before the vote.