IKEA pulls meatballs off menus after horsemeat found

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IKEA pulls meatballs off menus after horsemeat found

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Sweden’s IKEA has become the latest retailer to stop selling some of its food products after finding traces of horsemeat.

It has pulled its famous beef and pork meatballs off shelves in most of its stores across Europe after carrying out tests in the Czech Republic.

It is unclear how much horsemeat the meatballs contained but some shoppers are taking the news in their stride.

“I am not that surprised there is horsemeat in them. I would be surprised if there wasn’t anything dubious in meatballs. I mean with meatballs you sort of expect to have all sorts of different types of animals really,” said Briton Jenny Wilson.

“I personally eat horsemeat because it is healthy, the only thing I don’t know is why these horses were sold at a cheaper price. Was it because they had a problem or because they were race horses not for consumption?” questioned one French shopper.

A European scandal erupted last month when tests in Ireland revealed some beef products contained horsemeat, triggering recalls of ready-made meals in several countries and damaging confidence in Europe’s vast and complex food industry.