Comic wipes smile off politicians' faces

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Comic wipes smile off politicians' faces

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Among the inconclusive results of the Italian election, there was one undoubted winner.

The Five Star Movement led by the comedian, satirist and blogger Beppe Grillo emerged as the third force in Italian politics with a quarter of the vote.

With more than 100 MPs, the anti-establishment movement holds considerable sway.

But Grillo told reporters: “We are living through historic changes, of culture, of politics, of economy. This movement is about something different, not about discussing alliances. This all means that citizens are becoming part of the state and they don’t want to delegate to anybody.”

Five Star began as a simple citizens’ internet group that has attracted increasing support, particularly among young Italians.

The editor of RaiNews24 TV channel, Monica Maggioni told euronews: “We have to look very carefully at what is inside Grillo’s movement, to avoid branding it as simply anti-politics. There is more to it than that. And this is the basis for understanding where Italy’s political future lies.”

Five Star has focused on anti-corruption and anti-austerity issues

Grillo’s blog – now the most read in Italy – has helped catapult the movement to real political power.