Britain's most senior Catholic cleric faces probe

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Britain's most senior Catholic cleric faces probe

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Britain’s most senior Catholic cleric is the latest to find himself at the centre of an historical abuse scandal.

Three priests and one former priest have reported Cardinal Keith O’Brien to the Vatican over allegations of inappropriate behaviour dating back 30 years.

The Cardinal categorically denies the claims. He is known as an outspoken opponent of gay rights and is due to retire next month.

There was a mixed reaction from members of the congregation.

“We trust the church to make the right decisions.”, said one
woman.“ You know, they’re good leaders and we’ll come out fine. Wherever it’s supposed to go, it will.”

“Well I think obviously, they are going to have to answer questions about it and just as the rest of the Catholic Church has had to face up to a lot of questions in the recent past.” was the opinion of another.

The complaints were submitted to the Vatican the week before the Pope’s resignation. They ask for the Cardinal to stand down.

The worry is that their concerns will be swept aside if Cardinal O’Brien travels to the forthcoming conclave to elect a new pope.