"Argo" Best Picture causes ruffles in Iran

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"Argo" Best Picture causes ruffles in Iran

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Central Tehran seems a world away from the pomp and ceremony of the red carpet in Los Angeles. But this year, there is a common thread. The hostage rescue thriller “Argo”, took the Oscar for Best Picture. It is set in Iran, but not everyone is a fan.

One newspaper is running the headline, “A response to historical distortions by the film Argo”

Amirkhani lives in Tehran and told euronews: “I didn’t watch the whole of ‘Argo.’ The film wasn’t appealing enough to make me watch the rest, I just couldn’t stand it. My feeling is that they awarded the Oscar to ‘Argo’ because of political or other reasons (rather than artistic ones). I believe this prize was neither for the film’s structure nor even its scenario.”

Art student Roham Razavi held a slightly different view: “Speaking of political motives behind the award, in fact, I don’t believe that the Oscars would do such a thing, I don’t know. They simply judged and awarded the first prize to ‘Argo.’”

Directed by Ben Affleck, who also acts in the film, “Argo” beat “Lincoln” to the top prize, which stars British born Daniel Day-Lewis.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Jack Nicholson presented the best picture prize for “Argo” live from the White House.