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Lyon relieved as football match ends peacefully


Lyon relieved as football match ends peacefully

A huge police presence was evident on the streets of Lyon in central France last night but there was no repeat of Wednesday’s violence against British football fans.

After several Tottenham Hotspur supporters were injured in what appears to have been an antisemitic attack on an English-style pub, locals had been bracing themselves for more trouble after the match was played.

While there were no further disturbances it is not the first time Spurs fans, who have a reputation for having strong Jewish support, have been targeted.

One fan explained: “We’ve taken that and used it as a positive thing to call ourselves Yidos and the extremists think that we are Jewish when we are actually not. And obviously that’s what happens. It happened in Lazio.”

But the incident at the Lyon pub has raised questions which go beyond football.


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