Talk of dialogue amid missile strikes in Syria

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Talk of dialogue amid missile strikes in Syria

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There has been a missile strike on the headquarters of the main rebel force in Syria. The leader of the Liwa-al-Islam brigade was wounded in the attack.

It is a blow for the group, which is behind a three-week offensive that has given the rebels a foothold inside Damascus.

Away from the fighting, there is more talk of dialogue. During talks in Moscow with the head of the Arab League, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the situation is changing and the opposition is no longer being warned off talks.

“It is important that the government matches this newfound willingness for dialogue,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile, a commander of the Free Syrian Army has warned that his troops will target Lebanon’s Hezbollah unless the powerful militant group stops shelling rebel-held territory.

The ultimatum expires on Thursday. Insurgents say they will use long-range weapons to return fire.