Spurs fans attacked in Lyon ahead of Europa League clash

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Spurs fans attacked in Lyon ahead of Europa League clash

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Security in the French city of Lyon is being stepped up after a suspected anti-Semitic attack on Tottenham football fans in a city centre pub last night.

Around 50 hooded and masked men tried to storm the bar. At least seven people were slightly injured, and three had to be treated in hospital.

The violence came barely 24 hours before Tottenham meet Lyon in the Europa League. Despite the London club’s fans often being targeted, it is understood police arrived only after half an hour.

The owner of the Smoking Dog pub described what happened: “The first attack was probably three minutes, seemed like a lifetime. The second attack a little bit less. (They were) kicking the reinforced glass, then throwing objects through the doors. We were retaliating with objects from the pub, such as tables, bar stools in self-defence.”

One Tottenham fan told euronews it seemed at first like a fan attack: “The original shout was ‘Lyon, Lyon, Lyon’ – so we presumed it was football hooliganism, simply. But when the Nazi salute came we realised it wasn’t actually football and they were not here for football, they were here to do serious damage.”

In November, Tottenham fans were subjected to violence in Rome – apparently with an anti-Semitic motive – ahead of the club’s Europa League match with Lazio.