Sony looks for head start over Microsoft with new PlayStation

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Sony looks for head start over Microsoft with new PlayStation

Sony looks for head start over Microsoft with new PlayStation
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Sony has said it will launch its next-generation PlayStation this year.

A lot is riding on its first video game console in seven years as the Japanese firm’s electronics business is in the doldrums.

The hope is the new console will give Sony a much-needed head start over the next version of Microsoft’s Xbox.

All Sony will let us see so far is the controller – not the console, nor will it disclose pricing or an exact launch date.

Sony’s announcement comes amid industry speculation that Microsoft is set to unveil the successor to its Xbox 360 later this summer.

The new console will have a revamped interface, let users stream and play video games hosted on servers, and allow them to play while downloading titles as well as share videos with friends. The new controller, dubbed DualShock 4, will have a touchpad and a camera that can sense the depth of the environment in front of it.

In time for the holidays

Sony confirmed the PlayStation 4 would be available for the year-end holiday season.

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, said it would be a big undertaking to manufacture and distribute the console in Sony’s four major markets by the end of the year, adding that it would be a “phased rollout” that starts before the end of the year.

Console makers are facing flagging video game hardware and software sales, which research firm NPD group says have dropped consistently every month over the last year as users migrate to free game content on mobile devices.

PlayStation 4 will have an app on Android and Apple mobile devices that connects to console games and can act as a second screen, Jack Tretton revealed.