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  • Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan says the way some European nations classify refugees is not humane
  • France and Germany agree to propose a permanent and mandatory system to take in refugees and asylum seekers, especially Syrians, in the European Union
  • Turkish PM Davutoglu says Turkey will keep its doors open to refugees as it has done so far
  • EU’s Juncker proposes taking extra 120,000 refugees (European source)
  • Around ten dead and 100 wounded in twin bomb blasts in Cameroon town previously attacked by Boko Haram
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Two pubs full of English football supporters have been attacked by an apparent neo-Nazi group in the French city of Lyon.

It happened on the eve of the Europa cup match between London club Tottenham Hotspur and Olympique Lyonnais.

A group of men, some wearing balaclavas smashed the windows of one of the pubs, the Smoking Dog.

Euronews’ reporter Alex Aucott witnessed one of the attacks.

“In the aftermath speaking to the (Spurs) supporters, they said they were making Nazi references and making Nazi salutes.

“From what I could see they’d taken various chairs and tables and things from a neighbouring bar and taken those down the road to use them to attack the pub with.

“(There were) Lots of people with cuts and bruises; and I saw one person who had a very nasty head wound and I saw another person, overheard him saying that he’d broken his arm. So I actually performed some first aid on him myself,” said Aucott.

French media reported that four people were taken to hospital. Others were slightly injured by flying glass.

This is not the first time that Tottenham supporters have been targeted. In December 2012, fans were attacked just before a Europa League match between Lazio and Spurs in Rome.

The Smoking Dog, the day after

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