US Secretary of State hints at African investment

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US Secretary of State hints at African investment

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Sustained applause greeted US Secretary of State John Kerry at the University of Virginia. It was his first major speech since taking over from Hillary Clinton at the start of this month.

He praised trade the trade negotiations between his country and the EU which could start as early as June but hinted at investment in other markets.

“The exciting new trade negotiation that President Obama announced last week between the United States and the European Union will create the world’s biggest bilateral deal when it comes to fruition, a transatlantic partnership that will match the scope and ambition of our trans pacific partnership talks but our work is far from over. Seven of the 10 fastest growing countries are on the African continent and China understanding that is already investing more than we do there,” he said.

The Secretary of State will shortly make his inaugural tour visiting nine countries in Western Europe and the Middle East where he will consult allies on topics including Syria’s civil war. He leaves for the diplomatic mission on Sunday.