French family kidnapped in Cameroon

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French family kidnapped in Cameroon

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French President Francois Hollande has confirmed that Nigerian terrorists have abducted seven French nationals, four of them children, in Northern Cameroon.

The French President, who is on a visit to Greece, said that the kidnappers came over the border from Nigeria, only around 10kms from where the French nationals were snatched, and belong to an extremist Islamist terrorist group. It is thought that the group were holidaymakers, all belonging to the same family.

The risk of attacks on French nationals has been heightened since the French army intervened in Mali. There are reports that the armed kidnappers were seen travelling towards Nigeria with their victims on motorbikes.

The Cameroon government has not confirmed any details of the kidnapping, but President Hollande told reporters “France is in Mali and will continue until its mission is completed.”

French energy firm GDF-Suez said one of those who was kidnapped works them. The company is involved in a natural gas project in the south of Cameroon.