Laying the foundations for accountability in Syria

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Laying the foundations for accountability in Syria

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An independent UN panel investigating alleged human rights abuses in conflict-torn Syria says both pro- and anti- government forces are to blame.

However, investigators say the scale and intensity is greater for government forces and affiliated militia.

“After so many months and years of
investigation activity, I think the international community, and in particular the Security Council, must take the decision, deferral to
justice. Now really it is time” Commission member Carla del Ponte told a press conference in Geneva.

It is thought up to 70,000 people, the majority civilians, have been killed since the start of the uprising against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011.

Investigators say a confidential list of those considered responsible will be submitted to the UN next month.

Armed groups on all sides are also alleged to have violated the rights of children. Some aged 15 and under are thought to have actively participated in the hostilities.