Hopes that Ralph will meet Oscar

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Hopes that Ralph will meet Oscar

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The creators of “Wreck it Ralph” have their fingers crossed that their video-game bad-guy turned good will also turn up trumps at the Oscars this weekend.

Disney’s latest effort is in the running for best animated feature.

It has already done well at the box-office, taking more than three times its production budget so far, and all because Ralph does not want to be the bad guy any more.

Director Rich Moore said: “It’s small group of people working on it in the beginning, and you start to wonder especially me as a director is this good? Are we just falling in love with something because we really like it and we’ve lost objectivity to the whole thing? “

In the story, Ralph is an arcade game character desperate to stop playing second fiddle to the good guy Fix-It Felix Junior.

“To release the movie and have it so warmly received and then on top of that to receive these nominations from these organizations that I admire and respect so much is somewhat overwhelming but feels great,” Moore added.

Ralph has been a hit with the critics and the public, which is no mean feat considering the other big productions like Les Miserables that are also competing for audiences.

The Oscar ceremony is on Sunday.