Many say that there is no way to erase the past. The only thing you can do, is to forget about it. Wrong. At least in the social world of Facebook.
A new application has arrived to give you the option of getting rid of your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Once and for all. Photos, statuses, likes, every single sign of common activity thrown out of your timeline and headed straight in the limbo of history.
The name of the magical stick is Killwitch. Ironic as it may seem, it was launched on Valentine’s Day. Most probably, the reason was to ease the pain of the broken hearted and give them the chance to free themselves from the bonds of the past.
The only condition in order for Killwitch to set you free from your ex-mate is that you still have to be friends with him/her!
Normally, the procedure takes around 15 minutes and then no traces of your common social life are there to be found.
Killwitch costs 99 cents. Income obtained by the sales of the app will end up funding the American Heart Association in New York. Ain’t that sweet?