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Tim McGraw looks forward to part two of his career

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Tim McGraw looks forward to part two of his career

American country singer and actor Tim McGraw is one of the USA’s most successful country stars, a regular chart-topper with total album sales in excess of 40 million units in the US alone, and a multi-award winner, including three Grammys.

McGraw has left his label Curb Records after 20 years, and is locked in a legal battle with them, but a judge allowed him to move forward with his recording career and sign with Big Machine. Now the 45-year-old wants to focus on the future

“All I can do is try to make the best music that I can make now. I feel that I’m probably 30 percent into my career, 35 percent into my career, and I think that there’s so much more ahead of me than behind me. All I can just focus on is the future, what I’m trying to do, what I’m trying to do musically, the records that I want to make, the tours that I want to do, the movies that I, whatever it is that I want to do with my career, all I can do is sort of shift focus to that,” he says.

“One of Those Nights” is the second single with his new label and for the Louisiana-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based Country singer his 20th Studio album, “Two lanes of Freedom” marks an important point in his career.

“I think this record definitely is sort of a flag in the ground for me. It looks back and takes a lot of what I’ve done in my career and the music that I’ve made and the stuff that I’ve tried to build on musically throughout my career, and sort of incorporates all of that, and at the same time it sort of does a 360 degree view and looks toward where I want to go with my music in the future.”

McGraw and his wife Faith Hill, who herself has sold 40 million copies of her country albums, are also continuing their Soul2Soul residency at the Venetian in Las Vegas and the Country star just confirmed he will perform at the Country to Country festival in London in March. The album “Two Lanes of Freedom” is out now.

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