Ukrainian officials seek cause of Donetsk crash

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Ukrainian officials seek cause of Donetsk crash

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Investigators are examining the wreckage of a plane that crashed at Donetsk Airport on February 13. Most of the passengers were football fans on their way to a Champions League Game.

Five people were killed and nine injured when the 30-year-old AN-24, operated by Ukrainian firm Southern Airlines, overshot the runway as it went into land. The reason is not known.

Donetsk State Prosecutor Volodymyr Vyshynsky explained what happened on approach: “When attempting to land, the aircraft caught the meteorological tower, about ten metres up, with its left wing. It hit the ground with its right wing, and also with its right engine – the propeller of the right engine.

“After that, it flew over the runway and when on the ground, it flipped over and broke up,” Vyshynky said.

The head of Southern Airlines told local media that the pilot should not have tried to land due to heavy fog.