Israel's Prisoner X sparks allegations of a cover-up

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Israel's Prisoner X sparks allegations of a cover-up

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The mysterious identity and death of an Australian-Israeli man held under suspicious circumstances in a Tel Aviv prison has sparked allegations of a cover-up by the Israeli authorities.

A report on Australian television identified so-called Prisoner X as Ben Zygier, an alleged Mossad spy, who while being held in an isolated top-security wing, apparently committed suicide in 2010.

Why he was detained is unknown but theories have it he may have been a double agent.

“Today being a spy it is much easier to get the information, thanks to the internet and the Facebook and the Instagram and Twitter,” said former Mossad agent and journalist Gad Shimron. “On the other hand it makes it more difficult to hide people away like we are talking about in this case.”

Until now Prisoner X had been deemed so sensitive the Israeli press had been banned from disclosing any information on security grounds. The Australian report has forced the issue into the open with attention focused on how Israel treats those it regards as enemies of the state.