Wrestling out of 2020 Olympics

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Wrestling out of 2020 Olympics

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In a surprise announcement on Tuesday the International Olympic committee have recommended that wrestling be removed from the 2020 Olympic programme.

Wrestling, which has featured in the games since the inaugural edition of the modern Olympics in 1896 will now be fighting for survival against seven other sports for one spot on the programme.

IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said: “The executive board recommended that wrestling, governed by International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA), not be included on the list of core sports. Wrestling will now join the seven shortlisted sports vying for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic programme as an additional sport”

The other sports wrestling for the one empty spot on the programme are baseball and softball, making a joint bid, martial arts karate and wushu, rollersports, wakeboarding, squash and sports climbing.

Although it is unlikely Wrestling will get back in.

The IOC will ratify its recommendation in its September session in Buenos Aires.