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South Korean protesters call for North Korea to be ‘punished’
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In Seoul, South Korea, activists burnt the North Korean flag – at a rally against the neighbouring country’s nuclear test on February 12.

Protester Choo Sun-hee said: “As a citizen of the Republic of Korea, I want North Korea to be strongly punished for its wrongdoings.”

The South Korean government condemned North Korea for going ahead despite United Nations warnings and condemnation from the international community. Japan has called North Korea’s action “a major provocation”.

There was shock at the news on the streets of Tokyo. “Oh no, they’ve actually gone and done it. They could send one over and hit Japan now. It’s scary, it’s just so scary,” said Yumiko Kuriyama.

There was a different atmosphere in the North Korean capital Pyongyang, where many welcomed the news. Groups of people gathered in the snow to watch the television announcement that the test had been completed safely.

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