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  • Putin says not possible for Europe to stop buying Russian gas deal can be reached with Ukraine on gas supply (Reuters)
  • Putin says Moscow’s intervention in Crimea was, in part, influenced by NATO enlargement (Reuters)
  • Putin says very much hopes he will not have to use right to use military force in East Ukraine ( Reuters)
  • Putin says relations with China developing extremely succesfully, but creating military-political alliance with China is not on the agenda (Reuters)
  • Putin says Russian forces were in Crimea during the referendum supporting local defence forces (Reuters)

Forces have foiled an attempted suicide attack in Mali. It happened in the north of the city of Gao as the bomber approached a checkpoint, the second such attack in as many days.

The remains of the bomber lay scattered in the area after he exploded following an exchange of fire with Malian soldiers. A witness described what happened. “There were exchanges of gunfire for 30 minutes. Then the bomber came, he advanced alone. He was armed. Soldiers returned fire, shot him because he walked towards them and then boom an explosion.”

Immediately afterwards roads to the north of the city were closed. Military experts believe Islamists are still in several villages surrounding Gao.

It is the first time French and Malian forces have encountered the tactic of suicide bombers.

This latest attack comes a day after troops arrested two people wearing belts packed with explosives about 20 kilometres north of Gao.

A spokesman for the armed group which claimed to be behind Friday’s suicide bombing warned it would strike again.

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