Political chaos threatens Tunisia as Chokri Belaid is laid to rest

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Political chaos threatens Tunisia as Chokri Belaid is laid to rest

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Tens of thousands of Tunisians have turned out to mark the passing of assassinated opposition leader Chokri Belaid.
The shooting of the secular politician has plunged the country into political chaos.
Thousands chanted anti-Islamist slogans as his coffin was mobbed by mourners.
Maitre Suhail Mdimegh, a friend of Chokri Belaid attended the funeral:
“By killing him, they have given him life, he has been reborn in the hearts of all Tunisians We’re all Chokri Belaïd”
Clashes erupted close to the Tunis cemetery as Police fired tear gas rounds at protesters who hurled stones and set cars alight.
His wife Basma spoke to euronews:
“Chokri Belaïd hasn’t died in vain, he sacrificed himself for his country, we have all sacrificed him for Tunisia, and we are not sad, on the contrary, we’re happy and proud because Tunisian people have risen for rights and freedom.”

euronews correspondent Jamel Ezzedini is in Tunis:

“A solemn funeral for the late Chokri Belaid, a mix sadness and anger. Those on the funeral procession denounced the return of repressive tactics and political killings in post revolutionary Tunisia. The angry crowd threatened to bring down, what they call the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia by force if necessary.”