Final polls predict a win for centre-left in Italy

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Final polls predict a win for centre-left in Italy

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The centre-left are on course to win the Italian elections in two weeks time.

The last polls before a pre-election blackout showed Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left party in the lead with 34 percent of votes.

Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has stormed up the polls to take second place. Comedian Beppe Grillo is a strong third and current Prime Minister Mario Monti’s party is lagging behind with 13 per cent.

The lead gives Bersani a majority in the lower house, but the battle for the Senate is less clear. Projections show that he may be forced into an coalition with Monti’s centrists. Commentators say this outcome would favour economic recovery.

Bersani and Monti have signalled their readiness to join such an alliance, with speculation that Monti would get a plum role in the new government. However, the race could get tighter in the next 14 days, as the number of undecided voters stands at around 30 per cent.