Major manhunt for former LAPD officer suspected of killings

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Major manhunt for former LAPD officer suspected of killings

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The murder of three people in California has led to a major manhunt. An ex-Los Angeles police officer is suspected of going on a killing spree in revenge for being sacked from the force.

One of those who was shot was an on-duty police officer, two of his colleagues were wounded.

The suspect is Christopher Dorner who posted his intentions in what was described as a rambling Internet manifesto.

“We have a number of additional police officers coming from throughout the county. Our state and federal partners are with us as well and we have deputy sheriffs from other stations in the county up here providing additional patrols to the citizens of this community,” explained John McMahon, Sheriff of San Bernardino County.

At one time the hunt for Dorner had three states on alert before his burned-out pick up truck was found in mountains about 120 kilometres east of Los Angeles.

Schools in the area were put on lockdown as the search intensified with a SWAT team deployed to provide security in the area.

It’s believed Dorner, who was fired from the LAPD five years ago for making false statements is heavily armed.