Tunisia reels in shock after politician's killing

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Tunisia reels in shock after politician's killing

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Bystanders looked on with shock and dismay at the bullet-ridden car in which Tunisian politician Chokri Belaid was fatally wounded. It is clear whoever carried out this attack did their best to make sure their victim did not survive.

“After the revolution we thought life would be great,” commented one young man ruefully, “but sadly what we have got today is a power struggle which is leading to murder. Either the government or the opposition could be behind this.”

“I am really sad for Tunisia and everyone here,” said one woman. “Personally, even at my age, I took to the streets when we had the revolution and I really took my children to task because they didn’t do the same. But what was it all for?”

As the country that ignited the Arab Spring, it is clear that these days Tunisia is having trouble keeping the revolutionary flame burning.

Our correspondent reports that the opposition say the murder of Chokri Belaid, a member of the Popular Front, is a result of the failure of the Ennahda government’s security policy.