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  • Ukraine gives Russia 48 hours to explain and give details of military exercices near border - Ukrainien Foreign Ministry
  • U.S. Reporter Simon Ostrovsky released by militants in Eastern Ukraine - Employer Vice news
  • Netanyahu tells NBC will never negotiate with Palestinian Govt “backed by terrorist organization“ committed to Israel’s destruction

Benjamin Netanyahu is back for a third term as prime minister, but in a weaker position having lost 11 of his Likud Party’s seats in the January 22 elections.

A record number of 48 new members of the Knesset were sworn in at the opening ceremony taking their seats for the first time.

Presiding over the opening of the Knesset was the oldest member, 77-year-old Labour politician Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, who has been a lawmaker there for 29 years. During the ceremony, Ben-Eliezer met with Netanyahu and Israeli President Shimon Peres.

However, amidst all the pomp and ceremony came a serious message from Peres, who warned the danger from Iran is growing.

The president described the Iranian leadership as a “terrifying dictatorship” which threatens the existence of Israel and world peace.

Israel believes Iran must be prevented from reaching military nuclear capabilities at any cost.

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