Belgium's most notorious killer asks for release

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Belgium's most notorious killer asks for release

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Belgium’s most notorious killer has asked to be freed from prison.

Marc Dutroux says if his request is granted, he will wear an ankle bracelet so his whereabouts can be monitored.

Dutroux, who is now 56, is serving a life term for kidnapping, torturing and abusing six girls in the 1990s and murdering four of them.

Prison officials and prosecutors have recommended Dutroux remain in prison.

I think his file is not ready to get him released. I even think that persons like him never should have the opportunity to be released. And I guess that when you know how, what kind of things he did, when you know the file a little bit, then it is impossible for the Belgian government to release somebody like him.” said Luc Delbrouck, the lawyer for the family of one of the victims.

The victims were kept in a makeshift dungeon hidden behind a door in Dutroux’s house in the Belgian town of Marcinelles.

A decision is due later this month.