Belgian paedophile asks for early release

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Belgian paedophile asks for early release

Belgian paedophile asks for early release
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Belgian paedophile and child killer, Marc Dutroux, has appeared before a court in Brussels.

He was asking to be released early and placed under house arrest with an electronic tag.

The 56 year old was sentenced to life for the kidnap and rape of six girls, and four murders. He has served nearly sixteen years.

Police blunders meant that although he was arrested in 1995, his case wasn’t heard until 2004.

Protestors gathered outside the Palais de Justice. One protestor said: “impossible, it should never be allowed, it’s impossible, it’s hard to believe.”

Another added: “The type of clemency that he wants now, he never showed for anyone. Above all he shows no regret, he has no regret. Leave him in jail.”

Security at the court was tight – and expensive – at a cost of €50,000.

A ruling is not expected before 18 February and no release can be made before 30 April.

Belgium is agog with the sudden new developments of the Dutroux case. It’s one of the worst cases in the Judicial history of the country.

Some families of the victims are questioning the efficiency of the Belgian justice system and have taken their case to the European Court of Human Rights.