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Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has denied that he and other senior members of the ruling People’s Party received regular cash payments from a secret slush fund.

Allegations in the Spanish media claim Rajoy was paid 25,000 euros a year for 11 years with money donated by construction companies.

Rajoy denied any wrongdoing.

“I won’t need more than two words: It’s false. I’ve never, I repeat, I’ve never received and I never gave undeclared money to others in this party or in any other one. Never. I will repeat it once again: it’s false.”

El Pais published detailed photos of accounts allegedly kept by former party treasurer Luis Bárcenas, which detail payments to Rajoy and Rodrigo Rato, the former finance minister.

Luis Bárcenas, who resigned from the party after being involved in a separate corruption case, denied the accounts were his.

Spain’s attorney-general said the allegations were enough to launch an investigation.

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