More protests more violence, as Egypt teeters on the brink

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More protests more violence, as Egypt teeters on the brink

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Thousands of Egyptians have taken to Cairo’s Tahrir Square to demand the overthrow of President Mohammed Mursi. Demonstrators have also carried their protest to the doors of the presidential palace.

As many as 65 people have been killed in violent clashes since January 25, prompting the head of the army to declare the state is on the verge of collapse. Those opposed to the government are furious with the new constitution drawn up since Mursi came to power after Hosni Mubarak was ousted two years ago:

“We’re demonstrating today because we haven’t seen the realisation of any of the aims of the revolution. We call again for the regime to fall, what we see in this regime is a continuation of the previous system,” screamed one Cairene.

Women were out on the streets in numbers.

“There is no human rights in this constitution for women. There is no education, there is no health insurance for anyone,” said one.

In Port Said people marked the first anniversary of a soccer stadium riot that left 70 people dead.

Last Saturday’s court verdict that condemned 21 of the city’s residents to death led to clashes between police and protesters where dozens were killed.

A curfew and emergency rule imposed on the city has further fuelled local resentment.