European car makers rev up at Washington show

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European car makers rev up at Washington show

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The motor industry has been gearing up for the Washington Auto Show, one of the biggest car events in North America.

When the public walk through the doors later they will see an industry that is back at full throttle, with analysts predicting new vehicle registrations in the US will be six and a half per cent higher this year than last.

Megan Gillam from the Lincoln Motor Company told euronews: “Particularly in the luxury industry, we are seeing a lot of growth and we can expect that the luxury market will grow even more quickly in 2013 than the total vehicle market as a whole.”

There is an emphasis on smaller cars and new technology aimed at making President Obama’s goal of increasing fuel economy.

Even so, it is the gas-guzzling SUVs that still dominate – Chrysler-Fiat which owns the Jeep badge, sold nearly half a million of them last year.

Our Washington correspondent Stefan Grobe reported from the show: “There is a lot of optimism, especially among European carmakers. Some executives told us they were well-prepared for the reawakening of the SUV market. Believing they have superior technology, they are confident they can increase their US market-share.”