Eat less, feel full

It looks like a restaurant kitchen, but it is an advanced research institute on human nutrition in Aberdeen, Scotland. Food is served to study


Maradona's millions

Diego Maradona has not been pardoned over tax debts in Italy despite the Argentine’s lawyer announcing earlier on Friday his client had been cleared


Toxic smog chokes India capital

Forget Beijing, India’s largest city New Delhi is suffering far worse air pollution. The New York Times reports that a key measurement used to test


Spain's corruption eruption

In austerity-struck Spain, street protesters are screaming for the government to resign over the latest corruption scandal. At the head of the


Malian towns liberated

French and Malian forces retook Timbuktu and Gao this week, removing control of the Niger River Bend from jihadist militants. The population greeted


Chinese buy black cab maker

Chinese car maker Geely has bought Manganese Bronze, the maker of London’s famous black taxis. The purchase – for the equivalent of 12.8 million


Displaced Children

Nearly half of the world’s displaced people are children according to UN figures. Most have little or no access to education creating a lost


Mixed news on US jobs

US employers added 157,000 workers to their payrolls in January, and along with that modest growth it turns out the gains for November and December


Bears up for grabs in Berlin

It has been a bitter winter in Berlin but to warm the soul and inspire the imagination there is the prospect of the annual film festival. And there


Vomiting up a fortune

One mammal’s waste could be another mammal’s treasure. Usually, humans are the mammals wasting the planet’s food and water supplies. In this case, it


Ferrari's unveils new F1 car

Ferrari’s unveiled its new Formula One car at the Maranello factory ahead of its testing in Spain next week. It’s called the F138 with the name


Rent a car, rent a surprise

Excess charges, insurance, hidden costs. Sometimes renting a car can turn into a nightmare. We went to Italy, one of the countries with the most


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