Russia condemns reported Israel strike in Syria

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Russia condemns reported Israel strike in Syria

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Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said, if true, reports of an Israeli attack in Syria are “unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it.” Moscow also spoke of a military intervention that “blatantly violates the UN Charter”.

So far, there is no word from Israel about whether or not they carried out a bombing in Jamraya, between the Syrian capital Damascus and the border with Lebanon.

Syrian state television blamed Israel for two deaths and five people being injured in the destruction of what it says is a research centre.

Unconfirmed reports claim Israeli Defence Force (IDF) jets bombed a convoy in Syria on its way to Lebanon carrying weapons bound for militant group Hezbollah.

Israel has also refused to comment on Beirut’s claims that IDF jets were in Lebanese airspace for over 15 hours, including the time the bombing took place.

Many suspect if the strike was carried out by Israel, it may have been a warning to Damascus not to supply weapons to Hezbollah, whose militants fire rockets at Israeli border towns.