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Mali donors pledge 340 million euros to aid security


Mali donors pledge 340 million euros to aid security

The International community has pledged some 340 million euros to help bring stability and security to Mali.

But the donors’ conference, held in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, is just the start of providing what Mali needs, according to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius:

“We must meet the needs of the Malian army, which must regain its ability to assure the safety and security of all its citizens,” Fabius told delegates.

“It is a priority for the country’s future. And the European Union will focus some of its efforts towards training for the Malian army,” he added.

Nigeria’s President Jonathan Goodluck was also present. His country is providing the largest contingent to the multi-national force.

The EU has pledged some 50 million euros which is mostly destined to be used for logistics.


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