Bi-partisan US Senate team tackle immigration

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Bi-partisan US Senate team tackle immigration

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Lines of people waiting on the roadside for a job could become a thing of the past in the United States, where a bipartisan group of senators has unveiled far-reaching plans to reform immigration.

The eight senators presented their roadmap the day before Obama presents his. Senator (and former presidential hopeful) John McCain admitted to reporters change would be difficult but beneficial:

“We have been too content for too long to allow individuals to mow our lawn, serve us food, clean our homes and even watch our children while not affording them any of the benefits that make our country so great. I think everyone here agrees that it is not beneficial for our country to have these people here hidden in the shadows”.

The plans call for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the US to be put on the path to citizenship.

But border security will also be tightened.