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Apatow hopes 'This is 40' will match 'Knocked Up'

Apatow hopes 'This is 40' will match 'Knocked Up'

Starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann “This is 40” is a so-called “soft-sequel” to the 2007 romantic comedy “Knocked Up” with Rudd and Mann reprising their roles from the hit film.

Debbie and Pete – the couple played by Rudd and Mann – continue to fight their way through their marriage. The growing financial troubles from Pete’s new record label adds to the pressure.

“I think it kind of focuses on our story, a week in our lives. We are both turning 40, and you glimpse and see what is happening. The kids are now older, we have different pressures. We are trying to tend to our garden, our marriage that seem like it can use some tending. It focuses on what some of the struggles are,” said Rudd.

This new mid-life crisis comedy has been written and directed by Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann’s real-life husband.

“You know I don’t feel like it is as much of a thing as it used to be for women to be in their forties. I feel like there are so many great actresses in their late thirties, and forties, and fifties. It doesn’t seem like a thing anymore,” says Mann.

“This is 40” is out in the US and some European countries already.

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