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  • Bomb explodes in Egyptian capital Cairo, one police officer killed – state media
  • Captain of capsized South Korean ferry arested – Yonhap News Agency
  • Obama signed the law is aimed at blocking entry into U.S. of Iranian diplomat suspected of involvement in 1979 Tehran hostage-taking (Reuters)

French and Malian troops have surrounded Timbuktu and are aiming to secure the city after seizing the airport. A senior military officer reported they met no resistance.

There are reports of rebels setting fire to homes and thousands of priceless manuscripts and also handing out beatings to residents as they fled the city.

The operation comes a day after celebrations in Gao as Islamist militants were driven out of the town.

The ancient city of Timbuktu has been one of the bastions of the al Qaeda-allied fighters who have controlled the north for 10 months.

Two displaced residents gave their reaction. “I’m really glad to hear about Timbuktu because we haven’t had news for four days, networks are cut. We really worry for parents who are there. I welcome this very good news,” said one.

Another added: “Frankly, if they secure the city today, I am ready to return immediately to Timbuktu. French troops must not leave us alone then because those Islamists who fled may come back and cause problems for us. French troops have to stay a bit to stabilise the place.”

The African Union is meeting to discuss sending more troops while the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius reacted with claims that, “little by little Mali is being liberated”.

Military experts though fear the rebels could carry on a hit-and-run style guerrilla campaign.

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